The WildThings NSW Eastern Pygmy Possum Project aims to help with the conservation of the Eastern Pygmy Possum and its associated habitat, both flora and fauna, such as endangered ecological communities like Coastal Upland Swamp and Duffys Forest, and Rosenbergs Goanna also listed a vulnerable to extiinction in NSW. The project is a citizen science program run by community volunteers, not just from Ku-ring-gai but also from nearby Local Government Areas. Currently we have a large group of active field volunteers, monitoring 28 of our specially designed pygmy possum nestboxes and using our high quality wildlife cameras to catch video footage of the nocturnal activities of the pygmy possums. We have so far found and obtained images of 71 Eastern Pygmy Possums at 49 sites in 3 population areas, 1 Rosenbergs Goanna and 1 Powerful Owl. We work closely with, and are supported by, Ku-ring-gai Municipal Council, in particular, its WildThings and Natural Areas staff. Read our Success Story.

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